While we can all stand back and admire grand homes with elaborate furniture and spectacular designs, the reality of our home lives is usually a little different.

But just because we often live in smaller spaces, it doesn’t mean we have to have a style-bypass, so why not take a bit of inspiration from these fantastic rooms that prove that small can be beautiful!

This tiny bedroom apartment maximises its minimal space by keeping things light and airy. But it maintains its cosiness through an excellent combination of textures and the deceptively patterned wallpaper.


Stylish wallpaper is again used well in this bathroom which overcomes the compact space by using the chic white tiling, and the great dressing-room style lighting adds an unexpected touch of glamour.


Kitchens are often the first area of the home to run out of space, mostly due to the ever increasing range of appliances that we need. But this kitchen has a creative answer to what to do with all those pans. Rather than packing out more cupboards, the pans become an effective wall-hanging feature that adds a busy, but playful sense of culinary charm.


And likewise, as children grow, so do their possessions! But the humble bunk-bed is the classic example of maximising space through great design. Note the fun illustrated curtains around the bottom bunk to provide the brief illusion of privacy!


And many apartments often feature spaces like the room below that’s barely a room at all! However, with a creative bit of thinking, you can still make it into a great little space through a charming set of custom-fitted shelving, a patterned rug and a perfectly squat chair to perch upon to watch the world go by!


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