One unusual trend that has been popping up across the interiors blogs recently is that of origami-inspired interiors. This technique of using folded paper to create finished sculptural shapes became popularised through Japanese techniques, and has become a micro-trend in interiors through the ethereal and airy effects that it can provide.

This pale pink and white bedroom uses origami themes to great effect. The pleated upholstery and thick fabrics create a wonderful quilted origami effect which is accented by the intricate light shades and minimalist white furniture.


Origami effects in wallpaper design can be particularly impressive too. The origami-inspired wallpaper below uses a design that is based upon the idea of unfolded origami that reveals an intricate and delicate display of interconnected shapes that conjures up the fragile internal beauty of paper folding.


Thankfully, the origami-inspired interior can work wonders in small doses too. This charming and airy living room has a great eclectic feel which is allowed to stay feminine through the white walls, soft colour palette and the chic pink origami lamp hanging from the ceiling.


And if you really want to go all out there with your origami-inspired interior, then you could take a leaf out of this living room that features a small but perfectly-formed origami table!


But as the spectacular origami effect in this office space illustrates, origami often works best when it is used in conventional ways. Here the traditional crane shape is multiplied across a kaleidoscope of colours to create a lively and vivid origami impression across the crisp, white workplace.


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