One of the most feared phrases in any child’s mind must be ‘back to school’. And now that the summer holidays are drawing to a close, we thought we’d take a look at a few children’s study room ideas for ways to help them tackle the dreaded homework!

The primary focus for any study area must be the desk which must be able to provide space for the modern child’s work tools – nowadays, this being the laptop, portable telephone and iPod dock! But what makes this space all the more welcoming is the great use of colour that can brighten up even the dullest homework assignment!


This girl’s study area features a large desk offering ample storage space, colour-coordinated folders and some choice photographs of friends all offering a welcome haven for homework to happen!


Whereas this cutely serious children’s work space offers a fun take on the traditional office with its monochrome colour palette, retro-chic office furniture and the wonderfully stylish calendar blackboard!


Whereas this shabby-chic-inspired work space goes the other direction by providing an array of colours, textures and inspiration for the artistically minded child – note the tiny artist’s easel!


And of course homework can be a tiring and strenuous business, and sometimes the working child will need a power-nap to maximise homework potential. Which is where this great bunk-bed/office space comes in!


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