One country that is becoming renowned for hyper-modernist style is Japan. With its arch minimalism, refined functionality and acute spatial awareness, Japan is a great place to start for giving your home a sleek makeover.

The shoji screen below is a classic example of Japanese style, but what makes it complete are the refined monochrome colours and the stately simplicity of the furniture that allows the light to filter across the room in a soft and natural manner.


Overcoming limited space is a concept that Japanese designers have been dealing with for a long time and this utility room shows the success they can have. The storage spaces are kept compact and uniform, the colour palette is muted, and the space is kept light and airy.


This kitchen area also shows a great way of letting light filter through a compact space in a soft and diffuse manner. The sharp angles of the modernist furniture are also key features of Japanese design, along with the raw elements of wood and concrete.


Not that your Japanese-inspired interior has to be completely austere of course! This living room really goes to town with different colours, patterns and fabrics that are all artfully placed together to give a natural, yet enchanting touch of oriental flavour.


But what really represents the Japanese ethos seems to be simplicity and harmony. The natural woods combined with soft colours are perfectly balanced to create a calming and tranquil setting with just enough individuality and flair to fill your home with wonder!


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