This blog post is dedicated to the fun that you can have in your home through using furniture, fabrics and accessories in unconventional ways to provide a sense of illusion.

This vintage radio sits playfully atop a ramshackle wooden chair against a backdrop of stark wooden floorboards and beautiful vintage tiling. Or is it wallpaper? Actually the charmingly deceptive wallpaper provides a sense of depth and stability through its folk-art design that gives the sense of permanence at a fraction of the cost!


One of the commonest uses of illusion in the home is through mirrors. Mirrors have the wonderful ability to distort our sense of space as shown in this bathroom below, which appears much larger through the imaginative use of a wide wall mirror that cleverly incorporates a stylish sink area.


But if you fancy getting a little bit ‘haunted-house’, then check out this amazing secret door below. The playful bookcase opens up to reveal another passageway through the house and also provides a handy storage function.

Peter Pennoyer Architects North Haven maine

And then for one of the most famous traditional uses of interior illusion, then look no further than this classic. The wooden globe is not only a stunning centre-piece for a very classy living room, but when opened it reveals its highly delectable alcoholic contents!


And some illusions are so simple that they are almost not illusions at all. This kitchen manages to seem like part of a larger, separate space by utilising large, glass doors to create a subtle divide and allow light to circulate freely.


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