One trend that we thought we’d never see the return of since its hey-day in the post-war years, is the return of concrete!

Seemingly the world’s interior designers have been bucking the trend of cosy chintz by embracing the stark and minimalist textures of concrete in a whole new way.

This kitchen exemplifies the current wave of concrete chic. The sharp concrete walls and ceiling form a pleasing contrast to the warmer tones of the furniture and somehow make the room spacious and effortlessly cool!

wooden table in dining area with grey walls

This bedroom takes a softer approach. By allowing the cool whites and blues of the soft furnishings to take centre stage, a lush backdrop is created through the delicate floral wall drawings giving the concrete a complex and elegant character.


Something about the use of concrete in interiors manages to also make traditional furniture seem even more comforting, as shown by this living room, which features soft fake-fur sofas and classic shabby-chic armchairs. The rich red of the wall photograph adds to the feeling of living in a particularly swish modern art museum!


One of the main benefits of using such a raw industrial material, is the way that it reflects light, as so brilliantly shown in this kitchen. The polished concrete flooring positively shimmers with daylight. And when accompanied by the delicate white soft furnishings, it creates a wonderfully modern, yet welcoming, living space.


And if you want to make your home really feel like a modern art exhibition, why not take inspiration from these amazing concrete wall tiles that prove how versatile and tactile concrete can be!


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