Something that we all learned at school, but maybe have got a little out of practice with, is the art of collage.

Any home can be livened up with a touch of playful collage to provide a wealth of complementary and contrasting images that can accent a room and highlight your own personal taste.

One of the most traditional uses of collage is the photo wall as is excellently shown below. The range of art prints, personal photographs and writings all tell a story of their own and come together to provide a chic place of inspiration and contemplation.


And collages don’t always have to be in danger of information overload. This beautifully sparse child’s bedroom makes great use of a simple collage with a black and white photographed child’s face and a playful red painted bird in an imaginative grey ‘frame’.


One of the most celebrated and imitated forms of collage is the Victorian photo collage. It can be incredibly easy to copy and is a fun way of inserting your own tastes into just about any backdrop, and it won’t break the bank either!


Collages don’t have to include pictures or photographs of course. This dining area uses a simple and playful collage of patterned plates to great effect that livens up the space and adds levity to any meal!


And as the below chest of drawers illustrates, collages don’t have to be restricted to walls either. A chaotic but charming collection of images covers the furniture and prove that no surface is safe from the power of your imagination!


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