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I thought I'd kick off introducing this little feature by showing you what we did. > The Email Hi there, we are in the middle of decorating our bathroom and i'm looking for inspiration on your wall art. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to send…

How to fit large wall stickers – Supersize Tree

Yet another rough version of our videos, must not be getting my video compressions right. But I hope it helps to make the fitting a little bit easier. You Tube version Part 1 You Tube version Part 2

Fitting Video for Large Tree

I just uploaded a new video on how to fit our Large Tree wall sticker. It isn't a pro job, more of a home made video late at night so a little grainy....but I like to think it gives it that real life quality

New products

Well we have finally committed to doing some B I G stickers. A few of our friends have been pushing us to do it for a while but we've gone and done it now. We hope that these will whet your appetite for some giant sized wall art. First and…

Photo Competition Jan

This month we have a photo that goes along with our recent Ikea Hacker entry, Gifty sent us these two pics of a coffee table that now sports one of our Floral 02 wall stickers. Gifty says "My friend thought I got my sticker from somewhere else, she saw something…

Photo competition winner – October

...and here's October's winner from Keri Loveless - This simple but effective use of our Big Wheels and Cars shows how bold colours can make a striking impact on plain walls. Congrats, Keri!

How to brighten up a bathroon, when its rented.

I've just been reading on Apartment Therapy and I came across this post about how to brighten up a rental bathroom. As many of you who rent will know landlords can sometimes be quite precious about their properties and don't allow you to do much modification. But that can be…

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