Now that the new year has begun, how about giving a few of your under-appreciated rooms a bit of a jazzy makeover? The bathroom is one room in particular that seems to suffer from something of a lack of imagination.

This bathroom shows the fun that can be had in decorating a seemingly functional space in individual and unusual ways. The traditional elements of the bathtub and sink are great examples of a classic and vintage style, but what really kicks it all off is the amazing Royal Flush wallpaper that gives the whole room a modern and distinctive twist.


Bold use of colour is something that is unfortunately absent from many bathrooms. Not this one! The great use of geometric pastel shapes form a wonderful collage of warmth and colour that transforms what could be a small and dreary space into a cosy pop art haven!


And if you have space in your bathroom, then why not bring in a few elements of furniture that aren’t usually seen in bathrooms such as this magnificent vintage cabinet that gives the space a great apothecary feel. Especially when used in conjunction with the jars, vials and array of books!

furniture in the bathroom

Wood is something of a go-to when giving your bathroom a makeover. Something about the warm and natural wood tones can instantly give your bathroom that sought after Scandinavian feel that revels in its simplicity and style.


However, we realise that most people will want to keep their bathroom strictly functional with minimal whites and a clear room design. But there’s always quick and simple ways to give your space a bit of a twist, as shown by this green Swiss cross medicine cabinet that offers a cheeky and chic take on traditional bathroom furniture.


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