Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Magazine Photo Shoot

Wall stickers are great - we all know that. But as someone who does room makeovers all the time for magazines, I'm particularly aware of how they can add an extra dimension - dramatic or gentle - to a finished room.

I recently shot a home office makeover - in fact grab a copy of the new "Your Home" magazine and you can see the feature, but I thought it might be fun to show the process of how these things came together. The room has a woodland theme so I asked for some of the delicate flower stickers in three colours that tone with the room - white, beige and a soft sage green.

I cut them all into separtate pieces so each can be handled individually. There was a small blank space on the wall by the desk that I knew would be better with stickers - something lovely to look at as you work... but how many and what colour? Well the wall was white, so the green and beige would be best, and the ceiling sloped so it made sense to have a small flower in the corner with a larger one to the right where the ceiling was higher.

I masking taped the tall green one in place first as that just seemed to fit really well. Then I tried all sorts of combinations either side - different colours, and different flowers. I took snaps of each combination as often I find it easier to compare the different combinations when they're next to each other on screen. Have a look at the pictures below - you can see the different versions I tried.

In the end I decided less is more - with just a few stems the finish is delicate and gentle, not overpowering. I then used some other stems on another wall (white flowers on a beige wall) which tie the room together. It's a good way to make a room scheme pull together in a casual way - I love this look!

So what to learn from this? I'd always suggest trying different combinations or positions of stickers to get it absolutely right. It may take half an hour longer but it ensures everything's perfect. Cut the stickers out and use tabs of masking tape. Take pictures, or just stand back and look, then add or take away. But remember, the joy of these stickers is you can always add more or take some off later if you change your mind.... fantastic!

ps the lovely finished photos are taken by the talented Lizzie Orme - check out her website www.lizzieorme.co.uk for some beautiful images. I guarantee you'll love them!

This is a series of blog posts from Becky Clarke a contributing writing on Your Home magazine, Ideal Home and House Beautiful. Your Home magazine have featured our wall stickers on a few occasions and we loved Becky's approach to real life projects so we commissioned her to write about her interior design influences, trends and thoughts.

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