Thursday, 7 April 2011

How to Hang Wallpaper - Basic Tips

You are probably on our website looking at wall stickers as you have recently decorated a room or are just about to re-decorate. So I thought that maybe you would like a few tips and hints from a professional so I have enlisted the help of Jen Pashby who is my local painter and decorator. If you are a regular DIYer, no doubt you'll already be familiar with these techniques, but those of you who have never picked up a paint brush this could be the information you need to start on your own project. 

Tools: Measuring tape, Dust sheets, Wallpaper Paste, Paste board, Sponge and Bucket for clean water, Brush and Bucket for Paste, Edging Roller, Papering brush, Pencil and Spirit Level

IMPORTANT: Check that all rolls of wallpaper have the same batch number

Preparing Walls

Remove any old paper, fill cracks and sand as needed. If you are also painting the room make sure that it is completely dry before you start wallpapering.

Generally wallpaper away from windows, measure wallpaper to get width. When you have chosen your starting point useing a spirit level draw a straight vertical line to which you can put your first piece of paper.

Always following the manufacturers instructions, all papers are different and need different pastes and soaking times.

Measure wall length and cut paper approximately. Paste on table and leave for stated time for paste to soak in, always apply paste evenly making sure that all the edges are pasted. Fold both ends in  this makes it easier to transport to your wall.

Starting at the top and using papering brush line paper up with your straight line, brush paper edge to edge, brushing out any bubbles which you may have trapped.

Working downwards to the bottom, use the edging roller to make sure both edges are stuck well down. Run scissors or knife along top and bottom edges to make a crease and cut along crease  with scissors or stanley knife to remove any excess.

Apply the next pieces in the same way always using a sponge to remove any remaining paste at the joints.

Obviously your first attempts may not be perfect but do not give up it will get easier.

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