Sunday, 17 April 2011

Competition Time Over

So our comp is over and what a great one it was, we had loads of great entries so thank you to all who entered. When I thought of the competition I really wanted people posting and commenting on others photos and maybe asking for feedback and then giving it....and that is what we got. It was a pleasure to see the positive approach everyone had, so many thanks to everybody. 

The competition results are as follows...in reverse order.

Becky Lomax - 3rd prize winner - wall stickers to the value of £50

Cat Barret - 2nd prize - our products to the value of £100.

Alison Ford - 1st Prize - £200 Habitat Vouchers

Becky Clarke (Your Home) and Victoria Boulton (Grosvenor Interiors) were our judges. Both Cat and Alison came out with the same amount of votes and so there was no way to split them so in the end a coin was tossed, and Alison won....sorry Cat.

I wanted to share the full comment we got from Rick, Becky and Victoria so people could see how we made the results up and see the comments on their choices. so they follow

Becky Clarke (Your Home Magazine)
Becky is well place to judge this competition as she is a regular writer for Your Home magazine. Becky knows a few things about interiors and the practical application as readers will see in the magazine. Becky is also a blogger here on the Wall Glamour blog, where she covers tips and trends as well as a "how to use wall stickers" feature.

Becky says
"What great photos! I've had a long look and a few stood out but I admit is was tricky to decide especially on the order of first and second as they are such hugely different projects."

1st: Alison Ford - Nursery
This demonstrates how to combine different stickers, wall background colours and soft furnishings to fantastic effect - I absolutely love this! The road running around the room will make the most of it's proportions, and the hills and sky add cheerful colour. The layered window dressing is visually soft and practical too and the wall paint has been chosen carefully to match properly rather than be any old blue and green. The winner's little boy can let his imagination run riot as he makes up stories of who's in the cars and planes and where they're going too. Mum should be proud of what she's created - it looks well thought out and the attention to detail is to be commended.

2nd: Cat Barrett - Kitchen
This kitchen looks fresh, modern and practical. I particularly like the blue tiles as these combine beautifully with walnut to give warmth, and the white units will always look clean and bright. It's great to see someone embracing colour like this rather than sticking to the safe choices - and the copper light fittings are inspired. Love it - I'd like to live there!
3rd: Sammy Comper - Bedroom
The colours are soft and relaxing and I really like the blue/grey and bold stripes as they are gentle on the eye and a welcome change from often-used neutrals. The bold artwork deserves a mention too as it really lifts the room.

But special mention too to Di Coke - showing how to combine WG stickers and fabric to brilliant effect. Great to see a nursery that isn't twee, and has a fun, retro modern feel. And also Becky Lomax for having the patience of a saint to create the horizontal striped wall - good job!

Victoria Boulton (Grosvenor Interiors)
Wall Glamour met Victoria on a project in Leeds about four years ago and we haven't looked back. We love work with her and she has a keen sense of "what is hot and what is not" in terms or interiors design. We can't mention any names, but Vic has styled the homes of some very wealth clients, which might include a footballer or two ;)

Victoria says
"I’m flattered to be asked to judge your competition and I’m very glad to do it ...although never ask a Libran to actually decide on only 3 places – I have a top 5 !!!! But I have managed to narrow it down to......"

1st: Cat Barret – KitchenBeautifully designed kitchen with great use of colour and cleverly chosen accessories – Great wall paper and fab retro copper pendant.

2nd: Alison Ford – Boys bedroomThis is such an up lifting, bright and beautiful bedroom I think any little boy would love this room.

3rd: Becky Lomax - Green stripe bedroom
Love all the effort that went in to this room, especially the clever use of red as the perfect complimentary brings the whole look alive – well done.

I have to say Di Coke’s Nursery with blue spots and Sammy Camper’s Tranquil Bedroom did make it to my short list – I also loved the retro 70’s carpet, my mum had something similar!

1st: Becky Lomax
I'm a graphic designer so these strong lines and colours really appealed to me and to top that all off when I was sorting the results out on Friday my wife said "can you do that in our room" which is a good result.

2nd: Di Coke
Another strong design here loving the decor and colour combinations. I did wonder if I should include a design with our wall stickers in but it is such a great room I didn't think Di should be punished for using our products, but please understand I did not choose it because it had wall stickers.

3rd: Sally Comper
Really nice room, little girly for me but I am rewarding the effort that has gone into it as it is really nice.

Please note Alison Ford and Cat Barret were drawing for joint 1st but I didn't feel it right to put my vote behind either one to swing the vote, so we tossed a coin and Alison won. I was worried that it would appear we favoured Alison because she had used our wall stickers, but I didn't think it fair to penalise Alison, so that is why it came down to a coin....as you can trust them to be impartial. 

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