Wednesday, 9 March 2011

How to : Brighten up your breakfast bar.

This is the first in a series of tips from Becky Clarke a contributing writing on Your Home magazine. Your Home magazine have featured our wall stickers on a few occasions and we loved Becky's approach to real life projects so we commissioned her to show us some great ways of using our wall stickers

Lots of us have breakfast bars where there is a large slab of untouched surface – perfect for making individual with some fabulous stickers. I decided to make each member of the family’s space their own, with dad’s boot prints, mum’s footprints, and a child’s hand print all in a zesty citrus mix of colours.

Cut the stickers into individual components. Make piles of “left” and “right” as you need to apply the stickers in order to create the appearance of feet or hands walking up the wall.

Measure along the breakfast bar and stick masking tape marks evenly spaced for the number of people you want to represent – I had three people to mark but do as many as you need – you could even include an animal footprint too with WG’s pawprint stickers.

I started on the centre line of green footprints. Use masking tape to space the footprints and move them around until you’re happy with the positioning then peel off the backing paper and smooth each one in place.

Tape the other two lines of stickers either side, equidistant from the centre stickers. Again, move them around until they look great. Remember these look better and more natural if a bit higgledy piggledy rather than being exactly spaced. When you’re happy, peel off the backing, smooth in place then remove the protective film.

Finally, personalise everyone’s bar stool with matching stickers too for a great co-ordinated look.

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