Tuesday, 7 December 2010

How We Make Multicoloured Wall Stickers

This is how we manufacture your multicoloured wall stickers. We actually manufacture all products to order so when an order comes in for one of our Fairy Wall Stickers - Multicoloured we go to our Mac open the file, get down a role of white vinyl and put it into our cut printer.

Once the printer has finished printing it then cuts the around the design.

Then we start to 'weed', this is what we call it when we remove the unecessary bits from the design.

After this we cover the vinyl in "application tape" this is the tape that helps you transfer the design to you wall. The app tape should be removed once you have fitted it to the wall.

We have to smooth the app tape down to make sure its stuck to the vinyl.

Then we trim the product up.

We package the product up with your receipt, instructions and applicator.

We staple the tube up and send it on its way to you.

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