Friday, 18 June 2010

Week Note - June 18

This week we've not been as busy as the last few months. In fact since February we have been almost flat out, which is great, but it's nice to have a slower period as we can get done all those little jobs that we've been putting on hold. Some of these jobs consist of mundane things like backing up our macs, others are a bit more interesting from a designers point of view like additional pages on the website, one of which is our featured artists and another is our real customers homes page. I'm also working on a new design for this blog to make it a little more magazine style as we have now agreed a bi-weekly blogpost from our new friend Becky Clarke from Your Home magazine.

I am also working on the new "Special Projects" website and our trade website, all of which have been on the cards for months. Our "Special Projects" website will show some of the larger projects that we take on in hospitals, schools and commercial buildings. One we recently finished was Leeds General Infirmary - Ward 9, which is a children's ward.

Wall Glamour and Grosvenor Interiors (who we partner with on our Healthcare projects), had another visit to LGI this week for some additional projects, now that other wards have seen what we've done on Ward 9 they all want some which is very pleasing to know that it has gone down well.

We also have Simon of Flexibubble working on our new brochure, which I'm a bit excited about. Though I don't envy him working for another graphic designer, it's hard enough when customers dont know what they want, but when they now exactly what they do want like we do it must be hard work.

Hits on the website are down a bit but with the nice weather we have had (intermittently) and the world cup I doubt many people are going to be doing much decorating. We often notice the difference between a nice weekend and rubbish weather, the hits drop off significantly over the weekend if it's nice.

We also had a little play in the studio with some offcuts and covered one of our office doors in a photo wall mural which we think looks the business, it's like a door to another world.

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