Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Ask Us - Furniture Modifying

We recently received this email from a customer and I thought I would share it with you (with their consent).

Customer -
Hi, I've recently bought the stars stickers from you, as I love the image of the
I'm really happy with them, so thank you! On the off chance, do you know where the chest of drawers are from in this image, as I'd love to get the full look.

I’m afraid I don’t know where the drawers are from exactly. However I do know that Ikea do something similar called the Mammut.

If you like these you could modify them to look more like the ones in our pic by painting the knobs and feet in orange. We also sell some uncut Buttercup vinyl for you to cover the fronts of the drawers. I do this a lot at home, my little girls room just had cheap wooden furniture in, but now it is white and bright pink stripes.


The beauty of this is that you can customise furniture with the same colours as your wall stickers which enables you to tie in your designs and will no doubt make all your friends think you are brilliant ;)

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