Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Photo competition round up

At the moment we have been exceptionally busy with orders, so I'd like to thank everyone for considering our stickers good enough to feature in their homes. I'm not quite sure why we have been so busy I'd like to think we've finally made our mark in the world, but I am also hearing from a few other website owners that sales are up.

Anyway on to the business of our photo comp, in Jan we published one entry from Gifty, as she was the only entrant she has become the first winner of the year with this pic.

Then in February we did not put up our entries as we thought we'd try to encourage people to enter who were, maybe, put off by other peoples entries. And we had three entrants with these pics...

We love these photos of Anke's bedroom, it's lovely clean and crisp.

And we also love these couple of pics from Emma. You can just see a nautical themed rug on the
floor which ties in with the use of Pirates, Underwater and Waves in Emma's nursery.

And lastly we had these brilliant photos from Kelly & Scott, the above photos are fab and would win any other month unfortunately the were entered all in the same month so we have to pick one and the winner is....

We just love the way they have taken a theme and ran with it from the curtains to the cuddly toys this is just such a great execution. On the striking red wall they have used white Polka Dots from our Geo Shapes range and then a set of Leafy 04 in Olive green and a few sets of Ladybirds. And it probably cost less than £150 to decorate, and I'm sure you'll agree it looks great.

The red blind with the little white dots matches the wall, the linen in the cot is clearly from a matching set with the curtains and the cot even has a little leaf sunshade.

Check out our Squidoo page where we talk about this project in more detail.

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