Tuesday, 23 October 2007


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So not only have we been blogged we've also been featured in an edition of Look magazine. We actually missed the mag but they kindly sent us a copy. And I have to say ours looks mint! Its a shame for the other company, but then they chose that image so its their own fault. I think being in Look has actually driven a lot of traffic, in fact we doubled the previous months hits in one week!

We have had a busy time of it for the last two weeks, but it is now leveling off to a regular amount of sales per day. I am hoping that as time goes on we'll be able to convert more hits into orders. We have planned to improve the site, even though lots of people have given us some really nice comments about it, but we can't rest on our laurels so we have a few planned improvements...nothing to drastic, as the old saying goes "if it aint' broke dont try fix it".

Monday, 22 October 2007

Coming Soon

We thougt we'd bring you something a bit more boyish, all these flowers and stuff need a little antidote. So we'll soon be launching a new skate/surf collection for you extreme sports fans.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

more new produtcs

Yep we are at it again....in fact we just can't stop coming up with ideas, its just getting the time to get them on the site thats the problem. However as of Friday we indroduced three new products and revised two. Lets start with the revised one first.

As you will see we have updated one of our old favourites Flower 07 both large and small. By taking some of the detail out of the centre of our daisy we have created a better looking flower with simpler proportions and lines....we hope you like it.

Next we have two of our new products called Stars and one called Dots, and as you can imagine they are a set of stars and a set of dots. We love these stickers as the give a great deal of flexibility to our customers who can spread them righ over their walls or ceilings, or clump some together to make a stylish pattern as show in the image (left).

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

visitor surge

This week sees our press release hit the papers and we've seen a massive surge in traffic, doubleing our usual hits in fact. Our analytics show that most people are surfing directly to us or via Google with the words wall glamour, which is great, it seems our name is out there!

Friday, 5 October 2007

New stickers added

We have just introduced a new subsection on the website called "New This Month" which, as you can imagine, features this months new products. This will regularly change as each new item is included. As we have just released a few new products we thought it was wise to shout about it. We also have added some new products previoulsy so these have been included too.

This month also sees the introduction of a new feature to some of our new and existing sets. This has come about because of a suggestion from one of our customers who said "It would be great if you could sell the jardin d'ete insects in a multi colour pack." So we thought we would, thanks Sarah. If you have any suggestions please contact us....we do listen to them.

The new products that we have added are mostly from our Designer Collection, our first featured designer is Amy Bannister of Dottypink Designs. Amy is a graduate illustrator working in Childrens Book illustration, we spotted her work at a graduate show earlier this year and commissioned her to create two sets of illustrations for us. In time our designer collection will feature other designers/illustrators so keep an eye on this one.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007