Thursday, 1 November 2007

Bit of glamour for tired furniture

I've been having a move about at home in my livingroom. Last winter we (my wife and I) moved the sofas about to make it a bit more "cosy" but, as with most designer-types I know.....I just can't keep the room in the same layout for long. (The reason why its taken nearly a year to get it changed is a wife who likes "cosy").

Anyway, we've moved it back and the coffee table we'd consigned to the shed has now reappeared. I had actually forgotten about the couple of chips in it, so after dusting it down I came up with a genius idea! Why not put a design on it in vinyl to cover up the marks?

Personally I think its a great addition to the ikea table and we may consider selling this type of thing in the shop, however it does have a few constraints that would be difficult to manage from a selling point of view i.e. most people's tables would differ from this one and require different measurements, then imagine that multipled by the possible customers.......that's a lot of bespoke designs.

BUT having said that, if you like it leave us a comment and if there is enough interest we might consider it.

Pic 1, Measuring table and then Pic 2, thoroughly cleaning it. Pic3 & 4, Fitting the design in the WG studio

The finished item in situ

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