Saturday, 12 April 2014


Although Christmas may get top billing in terms of a festive decorating extravaganza, there is something refreshing and understated about the way that we approach the Easter holidays.

With an absence of consumerism gone wild, and a positive approach to the new season, Easter can be a great way to celebrate the coming of the warmer months through a few simple touches in your home.

This display really sums up the main elements of what the Easter-inspired room design is all about. Soft pastel colours, fresh flowers, a homemade feel and plenty of rabbits and eggs that all come together to rejoice in the return of spring life.

This table display again uses the refreshing pastel colours of light blues and greens in conjunction with the striking yellow of the daffodils to bring an airy and cheerful welcome to the new season.

The homemade ethic is a big part of any Easter-inspired room. This is evident here in the knitted egg-warmers, hand-stiched tablecloth decorations and, above all, the charming rag-doll rabbit!

Easter is also the time of year where we welcome back the return of nature into our homes after the bleak winter months. This folksy dining room combines fresh whites with soft greens, floral curtains and the omnipresent glass-decorated eggs playfully hanging from the wrought-iron chandelier.

And the Easter-inspired room doesn't have to be totally cutesy all of the time. This dining room displays an elegant simplicity with the focal point of bold white tulips being surrounded by fresh herbs, uncluttered yet wholesome furniture and of course, the obligatory little bird's nest with accompanying egg!

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Children's Rooms

If there's one room that you can really use your imagination in, it's the children's bedroom. 

Inventiveness, colour and plenty of fun are all the ingredients you'll need to create somewhere truly memorable for a child to run riot!

This very stylish bedroom uses floral wallpaper and a carefully chosen colour palette to create a chic atmosphere. And although the emphasis is on a pretty combination of patterns and fabrics, there is a handily-placed blackboard at the end of the bed to let the child scribble away to their heart's content!

And this bedroom has a great interactive fabric map feature which, along with the classy French comic book wall prints, at least tries to give the impression of a learning environment.

Of course, the child's bedroom doesn't necessarily have to be crammed full of displays, toys, posters and gadgets. This room focuses on a delightfully colourful bed with sparse, but striking wall flower artwork.

If there's one thing that nearly all children seem to love, it's animals. This room is a veritable jungle of wild beasts competiting for a child's attention. Whether it be the painted elephants walking across the walls, or the toy giraffes poking over the bed, or even the parachuting monkeys suspended from the ceiling, one thing's for sure; there'll never be a dull moment in this room!

And if you really want to reach for the stars with your child's bedroom, take a look at this space-inspired room. A suspended solar system circles a light-fitting 'sun', whilst the the route of comets are mapped above the all-important matching galactic bedspread. So why not let your imagination go to infinity, and beyond!

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Sunday, 6 April 2014


Now that the dark days of winter are finally behind us, it's time to look ahead and embrace the bright, warm colours of springtime. The many pastel shades inspired by daffodils, crocuses and spring meadows are a great inspiration for giving your home a makeover. 

This room positively bursts with a soft pastel colour pallette and forms a welcoming airy atmosphere when combined with natural wood and clean painted doorways. The Bloomsbury trend of large, patterned wallpaper is all about big leaf prints and plenty of colour, which forms a fun and funky backdrop to the hive of activity that inevitably accompanies the arrival of spring.

This wallpaper takes the soft pastel colouring to the next level by using the unusual combination of duck egg blue and splashes of bright pink with a repetitive stylised flower pattern to create a retro homespun feel. 

One great way to invite the springtime into your home is, of course, through the use of flowers. This room not only has lovely yellow patterned birds and leaves wallpaper, but the careful positioning of modest flower arrangements adds a touch of natural life and helps announce that spring is really here!

Say the word 'spring' to anyone and one of the first things they will think of is daffodils. So why not be bold and go beyond the obligatory vase of daffodils by going for something outlandish like this massive daffodil patterned wallpaper - complete with a matching modern bright yellow chair!

Of course, springtime doesn't necessarily have to be about soft pastels. This room almost symbolises the joy of seeing the first flowers of spring, by contrasting the stark black and white geometric furniture with an eye-catching vase of yellow flowers that explodes with the wonder of colour and nature.

And above all, springtime should be about life and fun. And what better way to celebrate the coming of new life than with these luxury sheep stools that are bursting with character and comfort. 

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Picture Wall

There is something in human nature that gives us the urge to make our dwellings picturesque. From humble cave paintings, we've come a long way, but one thing that persists is the need to fill bare walls with our own choice of pictures that reflect what we find important and inspiring.

Here we're taking a quick look at one trend that has been growing in recent years; the picture frame wall. It's a great way to create a dramatic and personal effect on a budget.

This picture wall shows the basic concept. A gathering of loosely related pictures and photographs in a haphazard arrangement of different frames that creates an interesting and eye-catching collection of images that work together to make a striking impression.


This room illustrates the other approach by using disciplined uniform framing and identical artwork in a grid-like formation that creates a very modern and chic impression.


Of course, it doesn't have to be just frames with pictures in. This picture frame in a bedroom cheekily leaves the pictures out, and instead uses dramatic embossed sleep-themed 'Zzz's that will hopefully conjure up the desired amount of sleep!


And you can of course dispose of the frames altogether like this picture wall. Here, the artwork is stylishly hung from chic hooked wall-hangings in a way that feels care-free and informal.


And finally, this picture wall goes in the other direction. By bunching together a series of frames and then having a home-made horse collage plastered across it, this feature really shows that although pictures frames may be a great way to frame art, they can never limit your creativity!


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Monday, 31 March 2014


Here at Wall Glamour, we're well aware of the fact that most households don't have the unlimited budgets that most interior magazines have when giving rooms a makeover.

So below we've created a quick look at some quick and thrifty ways that you can improve your living spaces and give them some real character.

One classic way to make a small room seem much larger, is by using a large mirror to create the impression of a much greater space. With an endless choice of shapes and frames to choose from, mirrors can be decorative pieces in their own way and also create a much lighter room.

Bathrooms nearly always have the problem of having limited space whilst being fairly utilitarian. And there is indeed nothing harder than making a toilet look impressive! However, this rustic bathroom uses untreated timber planks to create a refined and natural feel, whilst the gingham shower curtain adds to the warm country atmosphere.

Here's another great example of overcoming the common problem of dealing with limited storage space on a limited budget. The dark wood of the vintage cases contrasted with the white walls and chic modernist furniture create a great juxtaposition. And the best thing is, the more crates you add, the greater the effect!

Often, a large part of making a space work is to take away rather than to add. This compact living room is given a modernist touch with the exposed brickwork making a great naturally textured feature to what could otherwise feel like a very boxed-in room.

And finally, if you're really stuck for a quick and creative way to add a bit of bling to your home, try out this fantastic use of the humble Sharpie pen to give some simple ceramics bit of glamour.

And the best thing is that the pen's use is not restricted to just ceramics. This plain wall has been given a great, yet subtle make-over with the gold pen stencilling. The hardest part must be to know when to stop!

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Saturday, 29 March 2014

In the Navy!

One quick way to stylishly update any room is through a change of colour.

And seeing as the nation's style gurus have stated that navy blue is the colour of the season, we're going to take a quick look at some ways of using this rich colour in your home.

The simplest way to dramatically change the feel of a room is through painting a wall a strong colour. This living room uses the elegant navy blue walls in contrast with the clean and light whites and wooden furniture to create a space that is both impressive and comforting.


Whereas this kitchen gives the navy blue feel a luxurious twist with golden ornate fittings and a matching chandelier. However, the effect is kept from being too overwhelming when used in conjunction with the artistic floral wallpaper and the clean white walls.


If you wish to cocoon yourself in the rich decadance of navy blue, check out this striking bathroom complete with silver mirrors, a navy and white bathtub and of course, the deep navy blue walls.


One interior style that is synonymous with navy is the classic New England style which prides itself on crisp blues and whites. This bedroom exemplifies the coastal style with fresh white panelled walls contrasting delightfully with the navy striped bedspread to create something that is chic, yet laid-back.


And finally, this room gives a minimalist take on the power of navy blue. By removing all other colour, the suede navy furniture illustrates a dramatic and refined sense of style in what could otherwise be a cool and stark room.


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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Hello Sunshine Wall Stickers

We recently created this group of stickers from our alphabet stickers for a feature in Your Home magazine. Remind your kids to brush their teeth and wash their hands with a cheerie hello.
The article also features our Sun and Clouds to purchase separately.


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